What the junk is Mercury Retrograde?

I have never been one of those people that overly believed in astrology nor ‘bought into’ the whole ‘mercury retrograde’ thing. Before becoming a designer, I had worked in a Yoga studio with many yogis always bringing up ‘mercury retrograde’ and how it was affecting them. I always thought that they were just manifesting that negative energy by saying there was a ‘universal space force’ controlling their lives.

“Yea right, that does not happen” 


Over the next few years I have come to believe that there IS some kind of Energy force slapping me on the face like a soap opera drama. Making a long story short: Shit hits the fan. And what I think is just a bad day.. then week(s) is really , finding out later, mercury retrograde.

I have had my computer crash, my car audio system bugged out, got into heated arguments and many many other unfortunate events.

Mercury retrograde is when the planet Mercury ‘appears’ to be travelling in the opposite direction in relation to all the other planets in the solar system. (PS: It doesn’t actually move backwards in its orbit).

Its a time for reflecting and starting anew!

To be honest. I am still learning about this phenomena that causes ‘bad luck’. I neither believe nor disbelieve – but it is silly to think that we are all not somehow connected to the universe around us.

What I DO know is how to get through this period, tried and tested by me, as a small business owner.

So… How do I get through this Mercury Retrograde as a business owner??

1. Technology DOES get affected at this time – SAVE yo’ SHIT! 

If your small business is mostly on the computer or you are working on an important project… SAVE ALL THE TIME! Be (mentally) prepared for anything and everything to happen to all your tech devices.

2. Don’t buy any new technology at this time!

If our own trusted devices are crashing , it goes without saying buying that new Laptop maaayyyy not be the best investment at the moment.

3. Don’t make any large purchases, sign large contracts or negotiations

These next few weeks may not be the best time to invest in that new office space, buying large orders of supplies, and pretty much any big purchase as a business owner. Try to also avoid signing & negotiating large contracts. But if you have to….

4. Read everything twice, and then once more (cross all those T’s and dot all them I’s)

Communication at this time is at the height of ‘miscommunication’ and ‘confusion’. Ask even more questions at this time, do not assume mutual understanding. It may lead to you not having the complete information or inaccurate information. Read that fine print!

5. Plan to leave earlier then expected

If you have an important meeting, don’t wait until the last second to leave. With unexpected events happening left and right, be sure to leave enough time to deal with it. For example, if your car decides to break down – you will have enough time to either fix it or call the taxi.

6. Finish up any loose ends

Since starting new things isn’t really recommended, when mercury is in retrograde, it is a great time to finish any loose ends on your business. Have a bunch of paperwork to look at and file? Do that. It is also recommended to really evaluate your current progress and missed opportunities at this time. If you organize and prepare now, when Mercury Retrograde is over you will leave it feeling super energized and ready to be that badass boss you are.

7. Get creative!

Paint, draw , read, color and do anything that will make your heart happy. You are at the height of creativity right now- harness that!  It is a great way of expression during this time and may also help some of that stress that may be going on right now.

8. Don’t hide away from the cruel cruel world at this time

When you have had a terrible day of things breaking down and grumpy people, it’s attempting to want to crawl up in your bed and hide until it is all over. Have that cry (maybe with some wine) but then move on like the strong boss you are. Reflect, journal and meditate through the unexpected journey you are on.

9. When you find yourself getting angry – step back and BREATHE

This can be a hard one. It is the perfect time to evaluate WHY your mad, angered or frustrated. Normally you wouldn’t get so upset at spilled milk – but for some reason today that spilled milk is just THE END OF THE WORLD.  That’s the emotional journey we are on here friend! Which leads me to the final tip…

10. Be a nice person

You have no idea what other people are going through in this time. For some it is like any other day.. but for others they are riding on the edge of emotional turmoil. Share a smile, kindness and genuine understanding – even if you aren’t completely happy yourself.

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Chances are – the gravity from another planet should not affect our lives so drastically. Its a superstition that has really made an impact the last few years – almost everyone is talking about it!

I may not fully be on the bandwagon on this – but I will say…  It doesn’t hurt to be extra mindful at this time – whether you believe it or not.

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions (don’t throw that negative energy at me please though!) on Mercury Retrograde and if you will be following my tips!

Happy Orbiting 🙂


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