Blue Light Filter Glasses: Do they REALLY work?

Have you ever gone onto Amazon, find what you are looking for, and proceed to add a bunch of other ‘things’ on a complete whim?

Thats what happened to me and how I ended up with TWO pairs of these Blue light blocking glasses.

In truth, a long time ago I had glasses. I paid over 3000$ to get my eyes fixed. Fast forward eight years and I fantasized about having glasses.

I felt like I am missing an important graphic designer stereotype.

So when I was purchasing my tablet and these cute little specs popped up I was intrigued!

It is true… I am on my computer or device 8-10hrs a day, close to 7 days a week since starting my business.

This is where the blue light concern comes in.

Blue light is not completely the villain in this scenario – it is beneficial during the day time because it is said to boost attention and mood. The problem is when you are constantly exposed to blue light. Which in this current culture, is ALL our devices regularly used from the time you wake up to the time you sleep.

Evening exposure to blue light can significantly lower levels of the hormone melatonin.

Personally I have always had a rough time sleeping. I envy my partner who falls asleep in two seconds (and watches movies right before). So if this works… why not try!?

Now, blue light concerns may not be new to you. It is a pretty talked about issue in our device obsessed world. So its not surprising these blue light blocking glasses have become popular.


  • Blocks blue light
  • reduces eye strain (headaches, eye fatigue, ext)
  • avoids disrupted sleep cycles


For the most part, I believe they do an alright job!

Have my headaches vanished? No…

Is my sleep getting better? Sorta.

I chose not to wear my glasses during the morning hours. I found both brands to get uncomfortable to wear after more then 4 hours.

The best results came from my long nights of editing and working. I would wear the glasses and still have ‘sleepy eyes’ (in comparison to wide awake ‘lets riot’ eyes).

They have been a great addition to my tech gear – and they look so cute!

Thank you for being you <3


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