Brand Strategy Coaching Sessions

Are you:

  • Sick of feeling stuck and don’t know how to move forward?
  • Have you started feeling the dreaded ‘Plateau’ of your business?
  • Not gaining as much inquiries or purchases?
  • Not sure what your brands visual story is?
  • Tired of wasting precious time on DIY’ing and hoping for the best?
  • Are you seriously ready to up your business game?
  • Is your business’ road map bare or non existent?

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

We can help you navigate your business next steps – stop waisting your precious time and be that boss you are!

Whether your business is new or a few years old, we can help elevate your online presence  and make your brand shine!

Our Brand Strategy coaching consultations are more then us ‘pointing out stuff’ – its a collaboration to define how to make you and your business more money!!

Branding consulting meets business coaching from a visual story standpoint.

Are you ready to grow your brand??

One-on-one Strategy Session

Working IN your business is defintely much easier then working ON your business. Stephanie can help you navigate building more then just a business… but a brand!

Have any specific questions? Just let Steph know!

Book your coaching session today- spots are limited!

Investment : 100$ / 1 Hour Meeting

Do you have any trouble with these?

How to put together a website

What is hosting and domains?

Creating company culture

How to build a strategy

How to Build a brand

Navigating Social media

Basic SEO strategies

How to schedule posts

Creating customer profiles

Brand auditing – whats going wrong and right?

+ So much more

Stephanie has been a designer with an marketing background for over 6+ years. When she isn’t working on Summer Street Creative, she is coaching the resident companies at Startup Zone.

What some of the past business have said: 

Stephanie did a great job of breaking down branding into bite-sized actionable steps.

Steph really is a branding genius! I found it extremely useful to understand the psychology behind brands, and how they tap into our reptilian brains. It was a great hands-on session.

Stephanie helped me understand how to navigate all the new aspects of being a first time business lady! I know I have someone to go to for questions – and for accountability!

Websites are CONFUSING. I am not a tech person, so having steph walk me through everything is a lifesaver!

Still not sure exaclty what your brand needs or you have more questions?

Summer Street Creative

An Atlantic Canadian creative company residing in Charlottetown, PEI.

Our mission is to help future clients in all things on their business: Graphic Design in Charlottetown PEI, Branding in Charlottetown PEI and Brand Consulting Services in PEI.

We also offer Website Design and Website Development in Prince Edward Island.

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Have any questions? We would love to help you! Send us an message and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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