(Actual video at the bottom of this post!)

(And unboxing the Huion GT-185)

I have been known to frequent Youtube.

Visiting that social platform for:

  • General entertainment
  • The odd pug video
  • Learning new things (soooo many tutorials)
  • Figuring out how to attempt makeup

And more.

As a Designer with a marketing background, I also know the importance of keeping up a great online presence.

Especially the Video content presence in the last few years.

Now here I am:

This is my first deep dive into visual video content….

** Cue the Dun-dun-dun Background music**

I have gathered some ‘valuable’ lessons to share (if you too are considering taking part of the video content world).

Lesson #1 on Video Content:

It is REALLY nerve wrecking if you are rarely in front of a camera. Luckily with the growing presence of ‘video stories’ on social media I have been starting to (slowly) get used to creating visual content.

That being said, really random content.

I don’t believe my life is overtly exciting. I have a pug and a cat. And I make stuff on my computer for a living.

I know – some pretty hard hitting stuff.

BUT I do have a brain full of a bunch of ideas, thoughts and knowledge nuggets regarding graphic design, branding and marketing (and of course tech).

I believe everyone has something to say (and no I don’t only mean your opinions on politics and cilantro), we all have insights that can be shared to inspire and empower people!

From a few different vlogs and blogs I have heard the nerves never really go away (unless vlogging and creating videos is your full time gig).

So jump in (like me) and make an equally first cringy video!

Lesson #2 on Video Content:

Allow enough time to learn the basics.

Thank goodness we are in the time period where information is easily accessible just by typing ‘How to edit a video on Adobe Premiere’ into Google.

But there is A LOT of content to go though, some also outdated!

Allow yourself to take some time learning.

I am currently on the adobe creative cloud plan, so I use Adobe Premiere. Yet I do know some people who religiously use iMovie.

Whatever your preference is!

Just take time to learn on some tutorials on video editing – do not just dive in and start ‘cutting clips’ (Yes, I did that).

Lesson #3 on VIdeo Content:

Try to think what you are going to say prior to shooting.

Possibly also have a script.

You see, I actually watched NUMEROUS unboxing videos prior to making my video. I KNEW what was in that box.

But I decided to wing it.

Not my best decision.

What will happen?

My video will happen!

I believe I mentioned how tiny my hands are (which is completely irrelevant and not that interesting) and constantly used ‘basic’ words.

Plus I also looked like a goon when I had no idea what the chords or elements included were.

Lesson #4 on Video Content:

Make sure you test out your camera or else you will end up with a blurry video like mine!

The day before I had shot a ‘test video’ and it turned out GREAT!

It was in focus and had no audio issues.

So the next day when my package arrived, I wanted to get the tablet out of the box as quick as I can.

Famous last thoughts: “I tested it yesterday, it should be good”

Needless to say when I finished the unboxing and I found out that my video looked like it was shot using a potato- I wasn’t too pleased.

It is really difficult (and counterproductive) to reshoot an unboxing. Who would have thought!?

So just make sure to not make that same mistake.

And the final lesson on creating video content is…

Just go with it!

I am pretty proud I have actually created a video!

After watching it initially I thought it was a total cringe-fest. Yet at least I can say I finally started.

It has been 3 years of wanting to learn how to create videos and upload them on youtube.

Plus I am always (heavily) suggesting my clients to look into video content as well – which was a bit hypocritical on my end.

Check out my first ‘masterpiece’ (and yes – that was sarcasm)!

It can only get better from here!

Share this if you too can relate to the newbie video content creation woes or share if you think someone will get a kick out of this odd unboxing video!

Happy Recording!


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