Welcome to Summer Street Creative!

Ahhh the first blog post.

Hey! My name is Stephanie 🙂

I am originally from Edmonton, Alberta. Being a graphic designer in Edmonton for about two years. Fast forward another two years and I am designing here in Charlottetown.

The classic story, a westerner falling in love with an islander…. then she falls in love with the island as well and stays.

I have been graphic designer for over 5 years now. I wouldn’t change it for the world! I truly love my job, and how I get to be creative every day.

The next step was to build my own little company.

And here I am!

Website design is tricky

After working away tirelessly on my website she is finally up! As the saying goes.. Its always harder to work on your own things then other peoples projects. The second guessing game was strong.

Which leaves me to why and what this blog is.

Just like I was mentioning… it truly is difficult to be unbiased towards your own brand. let alone trying to learn how to use WordPress and how to market yourself.

Thats where I come in!

The summer street creative blog is not only a way for me to get my ‘key words up (more on the later) but also to help YOU! I will have many blog posts such as:

  • Why it is important to have a strong visual identity (and keeping that identity consistent)
  • How to market yourself against your competitors
  • Everything branding
  • A sprinkle of Graphic Design
  • And much much more!

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For the OG’s – You are the best <3

– Steph Xxx

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