Huion GT-185 Tablet Review

It has been over a few weeks since my ‘epic’ (can you catch my sarcasm?)  Huion GT-185 tablet unboxing.

As promised here is my GT-185 Huion Tablet review (with another video)!

Setting up the Huion Tablet:

After unboxing my tablet, I was eagerly ready to set up my new toy. I watched ALL the youtube videos on the set up… Plus I read all the documentation.

Basically… I dotted all my i’s and crossed all my t’s.

Unfortunately this came to no help. I STILL had issues setting up my device. At first I was having issues connecting my two screens.

Then after figuring that out my pen was still not working.

If you read all the documentation they say to ‘uninstall and reinstall the latest software’… I did to no avail.

After around two hours, lots of cursing and two wines…. I had it working.

By that time it was late into the evening. So I shut down the MacBook and slept, eagerly anticipating all the drawing that was about to happen the next day.

The next morning…

The next day I turned on my computer and got ready to paint the shit outta my wedding invitations I was looking to get done.


The same issues I had the other day of the pen not working.

It has been about two weeks and I am sadly still having issues connecting my pen at times.

Unfortunately I am now used to this and I take about 10-15 minutes a day setting up my tablet correctly if I required to draw on it. *Sigh*

Now that I am used to that- it isn’t as much of an ordeal.

Initial thoughts on the Tablet:

  1. The chords are THICK- there is 3 chords to get the tablet powered and connected to your computer. And do not forget the pen charging chord (that makes 4). Travel may not be a ‘breeze’ with this tablet.
  2. First initial thought: The screen is terrible!! Until I realized I still had the protective film on it… then it wasn’t so bad. I am sure the HD versions are much better- but for the price it will do!
  3. The side keys do not work… And still don’t for me.

The Huion GT-185 Pros:

  1. Using it as a second screen has been awesome! It is super wide and perfect to help with productivity.
  2. Once you get drawing, it is really smooth. I really enjoy the feel of the pen.
  3. The smudge guard is awesome!!
  4. The price is just so unbeatable. It has some flaws, but having a tablet that doesn’t break the bank is tremendous (especially for this penny pincher).

The GT-185 Cons:

  1. Software issues…. As per the install story from above, you get my drift.
  2. There is a slight lag. I got used to it quite fast yet I could see some folks getting upset at this.
  3. The side keys still don’t work. I have tried everything!
  4. It takes up quite a bit of desk space with the chords and everything. Luckily I have a very large desk so that isn’t a massive problem. But if you have a smaller desk, you mayyyy need to invest in a slightly larger desk system.


Overall takeaways:

All in all it still has been one of the best investments I have made for my business since starting Summer Street Creative.

I was going to get a boring old monitor, but to have the option to switch into drawing mode has been superb!

I do wish I did not have as many technical issues. If everything went well with set up and the keys/pen- I would have totally be giving this tablet it a glowing review.

Perhaps I received the ‘bad one out of the bunch’ but it is something to consider.

Purchasing a tablet has been a great investment to my business and productivity. I still can’t believe I went over a year with no second monitor and just my MacBook laptop!

In the future I would love to compare this tablet to other competing tablets such as the Cintiq.

The biggest takeaway is to figure out what you really need and what you can afford.

For example…

If you are a beginner and a student on a budget the Huion tablets may the best tablet brand to consider!

If you are a pro still on a budget perhaps get the HD ‘higher priced’ (but still not that expensive) Huion tablet.

If you are a pro that just loves the Cintiq….. Then why you reading this!? Just kidding — Do what makes you happy and comfortable as a creative.

Have you purchased the Huion GT-185 Tablet? What are your thoughts??

Thank you for being you <3


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