Are you a new business owner trying to find a bit more clarity on what your ‘brand’ is?


Or do you have an established business that has lost momentum, passion, or customer support?


Are you a bit strapped for cash and not ready to take the full plunge into investing on your brand just yet?


I can help you!

Introducing the Mini* BIY (Brand It Yourself) Workbook Package!

For a small investment of 115$+tax, you receive not only the multi-page workbook but also a 1:1 meeting with Me (Steph 😉)

Best part!? 50% of ALL PROCEEDS go towards The Blooming House, helping to keep island women safe.

* Why is it ‘Mini’? This is the prequel to the upcoming full book coming soon! All purchasers will also receive a future discount code + early access to pre-order the book “BIY: Brand It Yourself”


Frequently Asked Questions:


How does it work once I make my order?

Once you make your secure payment, I will receive a notice and send you an email with the Receipt, Workbook & Calendar link to book your 1:1!

What if I am not ready to make the 1:1 meeting just yet?

No worries! I will honor the meeting for when you are ready. I do highly suggest filling out the workbook and writing any questions you may have down prior to booking the meeting.

Are the meetings in person or virtual?

That is up to you and your comfort level! I will be taking in-person meetings (with precautions, please stay home if unwell) but virtual meetings will be offered alternatively.

When will the full workbook be out?

I am currently still in the writing process! Follow social media (Instagram & Facebook) for any updates and information!

Why even launch a prequel?

I created this workbook for my clients working with me through the Business Advice Adaptation Program. One of those clients noted how much clarity it brought and I decided to share this offering since I do know it is a decent-sized investment to work with me!

Have any other questions? Contact me today!



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