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Here you will find some of my recommended resources to level up your business game.

From freebies to links to my recommended/most used resources.

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Note: This is a work in progress! I plan to continuously add on to these lists, links, and freebies ☺️

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👉🏻 Developing a business idea into a brand:

First and foremost… Welcome to the wondrous world of entrepreneurship! It’s hella scary at times, but also ridiculously rewarding and exciting!

I have been in your shoes. Frequent questions may pop up:

  • Where do I even start?
  • How do I find a business name?
  • What are even all these words.. SEO !? Hosting!?

It can be overwhelming!

My biggest advice is to start with a massive brain dump. Get it all out. Then start defining the basics: What is the product or service? Who does it fundamentally serve? What is the name?

Click here, to download a free worksheet for finding a Business name!

Some things to keep in mind when defining a name:

  • Make sure the URL (domain) is available before you fall in love with the name
  • If you love the name but its taken, can you edit it in a way that makes sense?
  • Put it all together in the url format… and make sure nothing ‘bad’ pops up within the url. (For an example of bad/funny URLS click here)

👉🏻 For those looking to DIY their website:

When you are building your website, the first thing you will need to do is determine what platform you would like your website to live.

Personally I recommend WordPress as it is quite versatile and it can grow with you and your business (gotta love those plugins!)

Shopify is great, especially if you are a product-based ecommerce store, but, Shopify is quite an expensive option in the long run.

Another big contender is Squarespace. It is a platform I personally don’t work on BUT I know a lot of DIY businesses use it for their modern templates and easy to use backend.

Website platforms to avoid: Wix & Weebly.

These website platforms have been known to be the go-to for a while before Squarespace overshadowed them. Squarespace did so for a reason… Wix & Weebly (lumping them together for simplicity) have been known to not categorize text/images on the website properly with the Google Bots. Making it even harder to rank in the already oversaturated Search Engine Algorithm. They are also VERY limited in editing the website templates & styles (or add ons).

After you choose the platform you want to create your website, you will need a Hosting provider!!

My go-to is GreenGeeks! I love them and recommended them so much…. I ended up becoming an affiliate with them! If you go with Greengeeks (Click here) and use the link, I make a small commission 🙂

A nice bonus is they also include one free year registration for your domain!

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