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Getting Started with Email Marketing for your brand

Getting Started with Email Marketing for your Brand   So you are thinking of getting started on email marketing? Well.. I need to confess. I have been kicking and screaming when it comes to email marketing. Back in 2018/early 2019 you would usually find me saying...

Top 10 2018 SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

Uncomplicated 2018 SEO for small businesses is obtainable with careful strategy. This blog post educates small business owners on how to do it themselves with easy to understand lingo and plenty of resources.

Top 10 Time Management Tips for Small Business Owners

Whether you are a seasoned pro business owner or a completely new entrepreneur, you WILL have the dreaded overwhelm bubble up at some point. Here are my top ten time management tips with a free weekly downloadable planner!

The Importance of Customer Profiling

Customer Profiling is a resource for businesses to help paint a portrait of who their customers are. Creating a few customer profiles can help with so many aspects of your business! This is a blog post that presents a few key reasons and how to customer profile.

10 Ways to Survive Mercury Retrograde as an Entrepreneur

Whether you are freelancing, own a business or run a business, the next few weeks may be a bit trying as we fall into a Lunar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde. Here are a few tips on getting through Mercury Retrograde as an entrepreneur.

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