SEO seems to be one of those key words that is thrown around quite a bit in the business world.

Which makes you think – “ I need this – but what is it!? And how do I do it!?”

SEO is short for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It is the technical backend process of having your web page visible within Google’s unpaid results.

It is the process of obtaining organic results from search engines for your website.

Google has a ‘crawler’ robot that scans over everything in your website and all (or any) other content they can find on the internet in relevance to your company.

It is a complex algorithm that takes into account MANY factors.


SEO used to be different – it is always changing!

Back when I was a young designer, I took a continuing education course at Grant Macewan University all about SEO. Although some things have remained the same , it has changed.

Before you were able to load a page with a crazy amount of unrelated links and tags. It became a sleazy business for some who would advertise “easy SEO with results in less then a day!”.

Basically they would ‘hack’ the SEO algorithm and spam keywords and utilize scammy links. It would provide instant results BUT then the site would be labelled under fraudulent practices once the google crawlers at the time caught on.

It is really hard to come back from that- Google remembers everything!

Trying to avoid these fraudulent practices, the algorithm and the information the bots were looking for changed a bit.

So instead of plugging in keywords, adding subpar links and other old school tactics..

Google made it so you actually HAVE to have a good website that is exceptional for the user.

So… Do I need Search Engine Optimization?


Good SEO does take time. If someone is offering ‘quick and fast’ results, run away fast!

I always recommend to get started sooner rather then later since it does take some time- especially if your website has already obtained large amounts on content.

There are so many reasons why you need to start considering SEO. Here are my top reasons you need to start implementing an SEO practice into your business:

1. Reach more people with SEO – ahead of your competitors!

Think about it — when you google , you are most likely to browse the results within the first page. More specifically click onto the first 1-3 options. So you WANT to be all up in there!

2. Search Engine Optimization is an important element to add to your business

There is no point of having a gloriously beautiful website, if there is no one there to see it! SEO compliments your marketing endeavours to also reach the customers scrolling through google.

3. SEO beats paid traffic

If you can get onto the top of the page on Google without paying, you are golden. Not only do you save money, you also build more trust within your brand. Users are more likely to click an unpaid organically earned link then an boosted paid page. Its a win-win!

4: SEO can be done on a budget

SEO should not cost (a lot) money! If someone is trying to sell you their SEO snake oil solution, I would avoid it. You can hire SEO professionals, just make sure to ask what practices they use.  If you do have a copywriter for your blog posts, make sure they are skilled in basic SEO (get them’ keywords in there, baby!). But you can do it yourself with little to no money. Which leads me to my next point…

5. It is possible to learn the SEO practices yourself

Its true, you can do SEO for yourself. Next week I will be posting a blog post on SEO and what you need to know!

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