What is Branding? (And why you may need it)


Summer Street Creative offers professional and expert branding – but is it even necessary?

‘Branding’ seems to be that key word used among many people and companies. It’s become quite broad and has many different interpretations (depending on who you ask).

Branding essentially is how you want to be perceived by your customers. Brand identity design creates a visual story to your customers using your name, logo and style!   

Have you ever seen a company and just trusted them right away? Or, have you seen a company and thought to yourself “Hmm.. won’t be buying from that shop”. With or without knowing, consumers are always deciding based on first impressions. Colors, typography and voice are super important to those decisions.

Getting the right tone for YOUR desired customers is another key that is completely missed on most branding. Its not just about ‘making it look pretty’.

Don’t just take our word for it! Webdam compiled some hard hitting Statistics:

  • It only takes 50 milliseconds for people to form a first impression
  • the average individual gets distracted in about eight seconds.

Bottom Line:

How you show off your branding may have a big impact on whether or not your dream customer builds a strong relationship with your brand.

Here are some of the basics that Summer Street Creative Offers:

Graphic Design

From a logo to a brochure: We take your ideas and create a visual that speaks to your brand and your ideal customers. Its more then just combining pictures and text. We fill the WHY of design. Whether you have an existing brand or just starting out, we will build a brand that speaks thousands of words. Some services include: logos, rack cards, business cards, web design, brochures, posters, graphic advertisement, flyer and more!

Media Design

Do you have a campaign in mind but have nowhere to start? We take your idea and design the perfect execution. We use your brand and generate a consistent media production and translate it to all your media platforms.

Web Design

Web Design has become vital for any successful business- especially if it is mobile first optimized! We design websites that grab attention, apply UI/UX standards and generate the information YOUR clients need! The designs are developed on WordPress (preferred) , using the DIVI theme.

Brand Identity/Voice

Having a consistent brand voice and identity will build trust with your future customers. If you get the full branding package with Summer Street Creative, you will receive a full brand style sheet (with recommended typography). This will allow you to pursue your customers with confidence and a clear voice.

Make the right impression and get more business!

Making sure you are giving the right visual impression to your customers is truly invaluable. It truly could make or break a company not having a a brand and not being consistent. At Summer Street Creative we can help you on all your Branding needs. We offer packages and can totally adjust them to your needs.

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